About the Teacher


    Ms. Nhongvongsouthy

    Ms. Nhongvongsouthy


    Santorini, Greece


    I enjoy teaching during the school year. I also love to travel and spend time with family/friends.


     Welcome to First Grade! I am excited and look forward to a wonderful year. I enjoy being a Classroom Teacher at Rio Calaveras School! I have been teaching for 21 years. I am proud to be apart of Rio's fun and educational community. I look forward to working with you and your child! This will be an amazing year!

    Below are some important links to help make this year more successful! 

    ClassDojo Click on this link to checkout our class behavioral/management system. Students have their own codes to log into ClassDojo

    xtramath.org  Click on this link to have your child practice his/her math fluency skills.

    AscendMath Click on this link to help your child practice their Flash Card Math (Yellow Rectangle). This is a fun site for students to improve their math facts skills.

    Rio Calaveras Homepage to access i-Ready MathLEXIA, and other important links. 

      Istanbul, Turkey was a magical place. It was a dream come true to check this beautiful destination off my Bucket List! I enjoy discovering and exploring new places.  Peru was my first trip abroad.  



     Community Supplies              Our AVID Wall

    Let's get organized! Rio Calaveras is an AVID School! We help students with their College Readiness! They use their AVID Desk Folders to organize their desks and school life. They are learning how to use 2 Column Notes for Note-Taking.  Students are learning the importance of showing SLANT! Ask your child about SLANT. 


    Look at what we are learning:

    Benchmark Advance ELA: Unit 1 Being a Good Community Member

    Essential Question: Why do people get involved in their communities?


    • Characters in the Story  Giraffes Can't Dance by Giles Andreae                   
    •   Characters in a Story    Who is your favorite character in a story?


    Essential Questions for Ready Math:  Lesson 0 and 1:  Lesson 0: Lessons for the First Five Days

                                                                                             How can you show 9 and 10 with counters?


                                                                                             Lesson 1: Count On to Add

                                                                                             When you count on to add, you start with one number and then count to find a total

                                                                                             What is 5 + 3?


    Use your math strategies to help you problem solve and decide which math strategy to use in the story problem. 

      Math can be fun!

    Rose ate 5 strawberries on Monday. She ate 1 more strawberry on Wednesday. How many strawberries did she eat in all?

    ___  + ___ = ___ in all

      Joke of the Week

     Math Problem of the Week: (Students can earn 5 ClassDojo Points for solving this math problem.)

     Serenity went to the park and saw 6 squirrels in the tree.  1 more squirrel climbed on the tree.  How many squirrels are on the tree?

    ___ Squirrels


    Joel had 15 footballs.  He gave his friend Brycen 1 football.  How many footballs does he have now?

    ______ Footballs


    Jokes of the Week:            What's your favorite season of the year?

      1. Why did the teacher wear sunglasses to school?

    Because her students were so bright.


     2. Where do sheeps go for summer vacation?

    The Baa-hamas.


    3. Which season do math teachers' like the most?


                                                   (Jokes by funkidsjokes.com)


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