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     How to become a volunteer

    We are always in high need of volunteers to help around campus, before school, after school, during events, and school field trips!

     If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, you will need  to visit  http://beamentor.org/stockton.


    • Here you will need to enter your personal information and select the school site(s) and/or program(s) you would like to volunteer with.
    • Once you are approved by the site/program, you will be referred to the Police Department for a background check, ID badge, and possible fingerprinting.
    • You will then need to visit the District Police Station to get finger printed, and also visit your doctor to get a recent proof of negative TB test.
    •  Your information will then be forwarded to the school/program you are wanting to volunteer at
    • Frequently Asked Questions About Volunteering:

      • Where do I go to get fingerprinted if I want to volunteer?
        • All applicants are fingerprinted at the SUSD Police Department, 640 N. San Joaquin Street, Stockton, CA 95202. Find all Volunteer Information at www.beamentor.org/stockton
      • When can I come in?
        • You will have to go online and apply to be a parent volunteer.  Go to the website www.beamentor.org/stockton. You will be directed on how to apply once you enter your email address.
      • What will it cost me to get fingerprinted?
        • There is no charge for volunteers to be fingerprinted. COMPLETELY FREE!
      • How do you fingerprint applicants?
        • All applicants are fingerprinted electronically via a live scan machine and results are sent to the Department of Justice.
      • What do I bring with me?
        • Be prepared to show a current State or Federally issued identification card, and your current TB Test!
        • We do not accept check cashing cards or expired ID cards for identification. All photo identification must be current.
      • Do I need to be fingerprinted again if I was fingerprinted before?
        • Yes, the Department of Justice requires volunteers to be fingerprinted every 12 months. If you are applying for a job with Stockton Unified, you will also need to be re-fingerprinted. The Department of Justice runs two different kinds of background checks on employees and volunteers. There is a $51.00 charge for employment fingerprinting.
      • How long does it take for the results to come back?
        • Fingerprint returns can take up to 30 days.  Once we have fingerprinted you, we will issue you a fingerprint receipt. This receipt is NOT a clearance to work or volunteer. It is just to let the school know that you have been fingerprinted.
      • How do I know if I am clear to volunteer?
        • Once the SUSD Police Department receives verification from the Department of Justice, you will be notified by mail.
      • Who can I contact for additional questions or concerns?
        • Regarding School Site or Volunteer Clearance Issues, you may contact the SUSD Police Department at (209) 933-7085 ext. 2464.