Biology/ AP Biology

    This course emphasizes a laboratory approach to the study of living things. Students demonstrate an understanding of biodiversity, cell theory, biochemistry, comparative anatomy and physiology, heredity, evolution, and ecology. 

    Anatomy and Physiology

    In this course, students demonstrate an understanding of the structures of the body as a whole and the functioning of its chemical and physical systems. Students interested in health sciences can benefit from the development of the technical skills &language that are a part of this course. Students participate in laboratory exercises and use technical language in preparing laboratory reports.

    Chemistry Honors

    NGSS Chemistry Honors is a laboratory science course developed to challenge the top math and science students in Stockton Unified School District. It is a fast-paced, rigorous course that challenges students to apply chemistry knowledge to predict chemical phenomena, design experiments, and provide solutions to complex problems, while incorporating more sophisticated calculations that require higher levels of math proficiency and problem solving reasoning skills than our Preparatory Chemistry NGSS course.  Students will develop critical thinking skills, essential laboratory skills, an understanding of how models are used in science.


    NGSS Physics includes both Physical and Earth and Space Science performance expectations integrated in a strategic way, so that students apply their knowledge of physical science concepts in the context of Earth and Space Science. The course utilizes a 5E Instructional Model in which teaching and learning proceeds through five different stages: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate. Using the 5E instructional model allows students the opportunity to ask questions and define problems about the natural and designed world, design investigations in which they collect and analyze trends and patterns in their data, develop models of physical phenomena and to communicate their findings from their investigations.

    AP Physics

    This course follows a laboratory-centered, college preparatory curriculum that develops the Contents & methods of physics with the necessary mathematical foundations. Students demonstrate problem-solving approach in the laboratory using an inductive. This course prepares students for the AP Physics test. 

    AP Environmental Science

    This course is designed to provide students with scientific principles, concepts, and methodologies necessary to comprehend humans relationship with the natural world, identify and analyze environmental issues and evaluating theories that examine alternative solutions to resolving and preventing problems faced by the global community.