• Art 1

    This course covers the basic principles of art.  An introduction to drawing, painting, design, printmaking, and sculpture will be taught. Students will be able to demonstrate artistic perception, creative expression, and understanding of the historical and cultural dimensions of the visual arts, make aesthetic value judgments, and be able to form connections, relationships, and applications to other subjects. 

    Art 2

    This intermediate level course in drawing, painting, design, printmaking and sculpture builds on the skills learned in Art I and stresses rendering skills and completion of finished works for presentation. 

    Art 3

    This comprehensive advanced course continues refining the students’ skills acquired in Art II. Artistic perception, creative expression, historical and cultural aspects, criticism and connections are covered. Students demonstrate an understanding of art theory and historical contexts through reading, writing, and oral assignments. Students keep a portfolio of their work.

    Practical Theater

    This course is an introduction to theatre and performance through the use of exercises and scene study. Creation and performance of theatre pieces are accomplished in a workshop format.  The relation of practical work to the theories of acting, directing, theatrical performances & structure are explored. 

    PLUS (Peer Leaders Uniting Students)

    This program combines high-level critical thinking, writing, and analytical skills with project experiences and implementation, while giving students an opportunity to explore interpersonal and mass communications as they identify and address critical issues related to school climate. Students will become more empowered peer leaders as they hone their communication and problem solving skills. Students will participate in youth Participatory Action Research projects which includes: research and evaluation, project planning and execution, as well as leadership and critical thinking-based activities. 

    Student Leadership

    This course for elected or prospective student office holders emphasizes the techniques of group leadership and the management of student activities.


    This class is responsible for organizing & preparing the school yearbook. Students demonstrate the ability to budget, sell advertisements & yearbooks, fundraise, publicize sales, develop a theme, organize Contents, design layout, & write copy. Students demonstrate journalistic writing, art, photography, printing techniques, book structure, and preplanning for production deadlines.