Pacific Law Academy Career Technical Education Pathways

PLA Pathways
  • Career Technical Education (CTE)

    Pacific Law Academy offers an educational career pathway in Law. Students are awarded recognition for completing three years of CTE education.

    Law and Society (1)

    A survey course that help students recognize how laws impact their lives and their community. Students will learn about the 1st, 4th and 5th Amendment and prepare students for AP US History and AP Government courses later in their later high school years.

    Criminal Investigations (2)

    Students will study the main patterns of abnormal behavior, their description and diagnosis, interpretation, as well as treatment and prevention. This course applies psychological theories, principles, and research to issues of concern within the criminal justice system. By examining case studies, trials, laws and psychological aspects of criminal activity, as well as a basic understanding of the roles that psychology plays throughout the legal process in both criminal and civil cases.

    Mock Trial (3)

    Mock Trial is a critical and analytical study of trials conducted in America, both past and present. All forms of trials are examined including criminal, civil, small claims, and traffic trials. Students learn the skills associated with our adversarial system of justice through performance in mock trials, analysis of past trails in American history, and viewing actual and simulated trials.