• We are PLA

    At PLA, We believe offering a rigorous academic program is critical, as mastery of high-level academics is the foundation for success in both professional careers and higher education. We believe all students have the potential to achieve at high levels. Enrollment at PLA is based upon students’ interest in public service careers and their willingness to put their best efforts into meeting the academic challenges they will face. Each student is encouraged to grow intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially; in these areas. We acknowledge the importance of a strong support system. All members of the PLA community are expected to contribute to creating an atmosphere of trust, encouragement, and high expectations. We assist our students in becoming conscientious members of our community by nurturing their commitment to and responsibility for the society in which they live. The purpose of the exploration of public service professions at PLA is to energize and motivate student interest. We nurture that interest by establishing an instructional program that is relevant to student’s career interests. We believe PLA will continue to play an instrumental role in leading the district toward systemic change in the way students are prepared for their futures.