• Welcome to 8th Grade Math, Social Studies, and PLUS

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    8th Grade Expectations

    Show RESPECT to:


         -your peers

         -your teachers/the adults on campus

         -your classroom/school campus  


         -your actions

         -your learning

         -your attitude

    Show COOPERATION by:

         -following directions

         -following rules

         - completing assignments

         -maintaining a clean classroom/campus

    Maintain EXCELLENCE by:

          -by always trying your best

    Keep it POSITIVE by:

         -by giving two positives for every one negative

         -being mindful of our language


  • Grades

    *Grades are updated weekly on synergy

    *Students can view through studentVUE

    *Parents can view through parentVUE (if you do not have an account, please email me and I can get that information for you)

    *Students can take home every test and quiz home to redo the questions they got wrong for half-credit back

    *Students can always redo an assignment if they do not like the grade they received to get some points back

    *Students can ALWAYS turn in LATE work (they will not receive full points)



    *Whatever classwork is not completed in class

    *50 minutes of iReady math personal pathway