• Hello everyone,

    My name is Paras Chauhan, professionally known as Mr. C. I am your Library and Media Assistant, or LAMA, for short. I am eager to bring a joy of reading, understanding of reading, and certain je ne sais quoi into the lives of the students and teachers here at Marshall Elementary.

    My goal here at Marshall is to help facilitate the reading time of students into their education as well as teaching them how to utilize libraries and databases as research tools. My hope is that the students and the teachers find the library to be a useful, informative, and enjoyable tool.

    A little about myself. I am a writer, reader, graphic designer, and character designer with a Bachelor's in Media Arts and Animation degree from the Art Institute of California. As someone invested in art, literature, entertainment, and technology, I seek to bring my skills to the service of this fine school.

    So, come and read at the library, make sure you read up on the rules, and please make sure to enjoy yourself. Thank you.


    -Paras Chauhan, aka Mr. C