•  Mission Statement: The mission of the Marshall Elementary School comprehensive school counseling program is to create an environment of safety, respect and academic excellence.  This environment is fostered through tiered evidence-based student-focused activities which impart long range results in social/emotional, college, career, and academic outcomes with growth opportunities for all. Through a collaborative partnership with parents, students and staff members and a data driven approach the program ensures equity, access, and success for all.  Students are empowered with the confidence and skills necessary to achieve their personal and educational goals as engaged community members.  

    Vision Statement: The vision of Marshall Elementary School’s comprehensive school counseling program is that all students graduate high school with the resiliency and self-advocacy skills necessary to reach their lifelong goals to achieve personal growth. Graduates will realize their inherent value and worth as collaborative members of their postsecondary communities, as well as their global influence.  They are well-rounded, passionate citizens who demonstrate academic mastery, social/emotional awareness and are future focused.

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  • We are Willing to Talk About...

    name calling ✦ love ✦ adoption ✦ grades ✦ healthy and unhealthy relationships ✦ prejudice ✦ race ✦ homelessness and stress about money ✦ coming out/being LGBTQ ✦ grief ✦ anger ✦ divorce ✦ parents ✦ friends  ✦ DACA/citizenship status/your papers ✦ bullying ✦ death ✦ siblings ✦ self esteem ✦ sex ✦ drugs ✦ alcohol ✦ bisexuality ✦ feelings and emotions ✦ gangs ✦ loneliness ✦ arguments ✦ abuse/assault ✦ foster homes ✦ harassment ✦ peer pressure ✦ suicide ✦ cutting ✦ social media ✦ family ✦ friends  ✦ fear/worries ✦ your future ✦ your past ✦ teachers ✦ college ✦ careers ✦ ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING ON YOUR MIND.

  • Welcome Panthers! Here you will find information and resources related to our counseling services.

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  • If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please contact our county hotline at 1-209-468-8686, National Suicide Hotline - Dail 988 , Teen Hotline at 310-855-4673 via text 839863 call 911, or go to the nearest emergency room / hospital.