• Mission and Vision for Huerta’s School Counseling Program

    Our mission is to create a comprehensive school counseling program that supports all of our students in reaching their academic, personal, social-emotional, & college and career goals.  We value student voice and encourage parent involvement.

    We are implementing an ASCA model (American School Counselor’s Association) in the programs and services we provide.  We serve students and families by collaboration, leadership, teamwork and advocacy.

    Our vision is for every student to become a responsible, productive, and caring member of our global society.


    Request a Virtual Counseling Appointment:

    Confidentiality Disclosure: Services such as "Virtual services via email, audio, and video conferencing, are not secured for personal issues and may pose confidentiality issues."

    Emergencies: If you are experiencing a safety emergency, please tell the nearest adult around you, or call 911.  Resources are also available (on topics such as crisis, mental health resources, etc.) on the Community Resources section of our Dolores Huerta website.  


    Virtual meetings with Miss. Madrid are on Monday-Friday 8:15-3:15

    Miss. Madrid Grades 5th-8th:Click Below for Appointment


    Request a Virtual Appointment with Miss. Madrid



    Virtual Check In Meetings with Mrs. Nomura are on Mon-Wed 8:30-3:00

    Mrs. Nomura (K-4th Grade):

    Click here to request a Virtual Check In Appointment with Mrs. Nomura/K-4 School Counselor




  • Contact:

    Dolores Huerta Elementary School

    1644 S. Lincoln Street

    Stockton, CA 95206

    (209) 933-7220


    School Counselors:

    Mrs. Nomura

    School Counselor, Grades K-4

    Monday-Wednesday 8:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m

    (209) 933-7220 ext. 5206


    Thursdays & Fridays:  Please call the Student Services Helpline @ (209) 933-7111


    Miss. Madrid

    School Counselor, Grades 5th-8th

    Monday-Friday(lunes y viernes) 8:15-3:15 

    (209)933-7220 ext 5212


    *For Spanish speakers, appointments are available with our Community Assistant and School Counselor

    Mental Health Clinician: Grades K-8

    Lorena Esparza Sanchez (BBS#=ASW63747)

    Mental Health Clinician, Grades K-8


    District Cell #: (209)662-9131

    SUSD COVID19 Helpline: (209)933-7111


    School Psychologist

    Kimberley Robinson, M.S.

    School Psychologist

    209 933-7135 Ext.2515


    Available Monday-Friday from 9:00-3:00