• Hamilton Elementary School Counseling 

  • Counselors help by...

    small group counseling

    Counselors provide short term,

    solution based counseling with

    specific focus. Counselors work

    with students 1:1 or in a small

    group setting. 

    team work

    Counselors' are Hamilton's

    student support coordinators.

    Counselors work closely with

    a staff team to assess individual

    student data, monitor progress,

    and implement supports to our

    students and families as


    Classroom lessons

    Counselors develop and

    implement a comprehensive

    school counseling program

    that includes class and

    whole school preventative and

    intervention lessons 

     responsive services

    Counselors support students

    through personal crisis and

    are partners to families in

    providing resources for

    optimizing help.

    ...and much, much more!

  • A Message to our Families from your Counselors: 


    As we are challenged with many new changes, we would like to utilize this opportunity to find innovative and creative ways to be of support. We understand that these new changes pose many difficulties for our families. Please know that we are here to help. Please utilize our contact information (see right) to reach out to your counselor or our Mental Health Clinician should you need. We are available by email, call/text, and virtual conference. Please also utilize the following links below to resources and other helpful information. We miss all of you, are hearts are with you and your families, and we are eagerly looking forward to when we will be back on campus together. 

    Your counselors, 

    Ms. Sam and Ms. Asia. 

    Request to Speak with Counselor

     Ms. Asia & Ms. Sam



    School Counselors Building Better Humans

  • Counselor Contact



     Ms. Asia

    TK-4th Counselor:

    Asia Chhabra 

    Hamilton site number:

    (209) 933-7395 ext:1637

    Number during campus closure:

    Call/Text (209) 565-0055

    (Available Between 8am-3:30pm)




    Ms. Sam

    5th-8th Counselor:

    Stephanie Sam 

    Hamilton site number:

    (209) 933-7395 ext:1635

    Number during campus closure:

    Call/Text (209) 565-0035

    (Available Between 8am-3:30pm)




        Mental Health


    Contact Information


    Cortney Ivy, AMFT #107136

    Mental Health Clinician-

    Mental Health & Behavior Support Services Department

    PHONE: 209.662.3245|FAX: 209.943.7716


  • Virtual Counseling Confidentiality Disclosure

    During school closure, Hamilton counselors will continue to work collaboratively with students and families in providing interventions that coincide with student’s academic and career goals, their social-emotional development, and that support the overall well-being of our students. Hamilton counselors will work hard to adhere to the same standards and ethical practices used in face-to-face counseling through new virtual platforms. Please note that as with any form of technology, virtual services offered by Hamilton counselors Ms. Sam and Ms. Asia, or clinician Ms. Ivy, via email, audio, and video conferencing, cannot be guaranteed as secure and confidential. However, our Hamilton counselors and clinician will consistently use best practice to try to protect confidentiality to their ability. In conjunction with other safeguards, ASCA (American School Counselor Association) recommends use of headphones with microphone for both counselor and student, and a private room to access technology. If you have questions about virtual counseling services or safeguards in support of confidentiality through use of virtual counseling communications, please contact your/your student’s counselor for additional insight.