Parent Workshops

  • Strengthening Multi-Ethnic Families and Communities

    Each session will last between 1 1/2 to 2 hours and meet once a week for twelve weeks.  Light refreshments maybe provided.  A Certificate of Completion will be provided to those participants who successfully complete the seres.

    Week 1:     Orientation Session-Preparing for our Journey

    Week 2:     Session 1- Our Journey Begins

    Week 3:     Session 2- Our Journey Continues

    Week 4:     Session 3 As we Move Along

    Week 5:     Session 4 - Passing Through the Danger Zone

    Week 6:     Sessions 5 - Stopping for Information

    Week 7:     Session 6 Heading out Again

    Week 8:     Picking up Speed

    Week 9:     Cruising Along

    Week 10:   Coming Through the Tunnel

    Week 11:   Changing Drive

    Week 12:    Ending This Part of the Journey

parent luncheon


  • For more information contact:

    Paula Rodriguez, Administrative Assistant (209) 933-7395 Ext. 1626 

    Facilitator: Dorthy Beattie

    Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist II

    San Joaquin  County Behavioral Health Sevices

    Strengthening Multi-Ethnic Families and Communities

    A Violence Prevention Parent Training Program

    Meeting Place: Room 38 Parent room