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Ms. Goedken

Hello My Wonderful 5th Graders and Parents!
My name is Ms. Goedken, and I am so excited that I will be your teacher this year! I added almost all of you to our Class Dojo page so make sure you login because I posted our Zoom link for our first day of school! If you have never used Class Dojo, I need you to sign up so I make sure you get all of our important information for our class! 
If the student is not on our ClassDojo page, go to the website and enter our class code RUAOVB. You will be added to our class page and be able to see all of our information! Once the student is added, I can add parents on the page as well.
**Once you see the post I made with our Zoom link, I want you to click the LIKE button so I know you got the information and have everything you need for the first day of school.
If students have not tried logging into their computer provided by the school, I need them to do this as soon as possible. The login information will be the same as last year. Some students are unable to login and I will need to contact the district to reset their password if it does not work before Monday.
In case you forget, click this link to login to Zoom on MONDAY MORNING at 9:00 AM!
I know this is a lot of new information, so please email or message me on Class Dojo with any questions or concerns. I can't wait to see all of your smiling faces on Monday for our first day of 5th grade!!
Ms. Goedken