Parent Volunteers

  • Adams School is working to find ways to continue providing top-quality education and to promote student achievement with fewer resources, in light of current economic challenges and planned budget cuts. Utilizing more volunteers is one step toward that goal. Bringing more community members in to work on school-related projects also helps fulfill the Adams School Strategic Vision, which promotes student/community engagement.

    Parents and patrons already volunteer in classrooms and school buildings every day, and Adams School appreciates their commitment and contribution. Examples of areas where volunteers might help include: assisting with communication to neighborhood groups or organizations; developing opportunities for students to gain real-life experience; becoming trained reading and math tutors on campus; coordinating fund raisers for school projects.

    To volunteer, please contact our school at (209)933-7155.

Parent Coffee Hour

  • Please Join Adams Parents and Staff at our Monthly Coffee Hour held one Friday a month at 9:15am.