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    Dear Parents and Student:

    WELCOME to my homepage!   I am so glad you decided to visit. 

    I am looking forward to becoming acquainted with each one of my inquiring 4th grade scholars and their families this year.  I have 19 years of teaching experience in many subjects and age ranges.  Always ready to have an exciting adventure, I have taught everything from Algebra to Art.  I also have gained a wide range of skills in teaching many kinds of people, from GATE students to Intervention students.  This year will be very rewarding for everyone.

    Please visit the links on the right hand sidebar.  There are Math videos on the right hand side bar from Khan Academy, which has wonderful videos that explain math concepts.

    Backpacks and durable water bottles are allowed.  Please write your students name on all backpacks, lunch pails, jackets, sweaters, and durable water bottles with a permanent marker.

    I expect all students to follow our classroom expectations and essential agreements.  All disciplinary action will be dealt with in a respectful and fair manner. Parents, please feel free to discuss your child’s academic progress or social behavior with me at any time.   Email is the best way to reach me, write to dmittelstedt@stocktonusd.net.  

    Please look at the student’s homework planner for daily homework assignments. You can expect homework to last between 30-45 minutes, depending on your child’s speed at doing tasks or reading materials.  Long term assignments will be assigned with most of the Units of Inquiry. In addition to the assigned homework, I expect students to read each night for approximately 30 -45 minutes. I highly recommend that parents find some good chapter books for their child, monitor and ask questions about their child’s reading, as students must read millions and millions of words per year in order to improve in their reading skills.  

    Students will receive report cards based on their performance on class and district assessments.   I will be in touch with you via phone or mail if I have any concerns about class work, homework, behavior or assessments. 

    This year will be a great year full of wonderful memories. Thank you for enrolling your student in Primary Years Academy.  


    Ms.  Mittelstedt, Fourth Grade