• Tips for Families:
    Although there are challenges with learning from home, parent involvement is important. Here are some tips on working with your child…


    ·Use praise by telling them what it is that they did well or are trying to do well.

    ·Ask questions about what they are learning and have them describe it to you.

    · Have them read aloud daily for 20 minutes to help their reading fluency and comprehension

    · Reassure them and emphasize that they will be OK and well during these times.

    · Limit video games and social media use 

    Make Time for your child:

    · Children may need extra attention to talk about their concerns, fears, and questions, so support them.kk

    · Have house meetings to discuss getting along, family structure, and resolve problems.

    · Tell your children you love them and if you feel comfortable, give them plenty of affection

    Avoid Blaming:

    · When tension is high, try not to blame anyone.

    · Be aware of comments from other adults in your family and remind them of home values.

    Monitor the News and Social Media:

    · Talk to your child about some news or information on the internet which may or may not be factual.

    · Maintain a normal daily routine.