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    Miss Noel's First Grade Class

    Room 8


    Hi Everyone and Welcome!


    Parents will receive a new slide set assignment every morning at 8:00am on Google Classroom. ALL student videos and work is linked on these slides.

    New material is posted everyday, so you need to check the slides everyday!

    When you have checked to make sure your student has completed each of their tasks, please turn in the assignment. 


     We will be doing Live Sessions on Meet every morning at 9:00am. Students must be on time and check in for attendance. 

    There will also be an open invite Live Session every morning at 10:30am, all students are welcome to join.

    Please check out the Small Group Schedule available on Google Classrooms. These are optional (but highly recommended) Live Sessions for smaller groups of students. 



    If you have any questions or your student needs help in any way, please feel free to email me at


    or private message me on Google Classroom.

    I can get back to you by phone, text, or email- and we can schedule a Meet whenever needed!

    I am available between 8am - 4pm every weekday.












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