Assistant Principal

  •   Abellana in front of a painted wall

    Hello Taylor Vikings and Community!

    My name is Rebecca Abellana-Delvo and it is with great excitement that I humbly take on the role of Assistant Principal at Taylor Leadership Academy (TLA). I attended Stockton Unified School District as a teen, graduating from Amos Alonzo Stagg High School. Soon after, I earned my bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies and teaching credential at San Francisco State University and later received my master’s in Educational and Instructional Technology. I have dedicated twelve years of teaching experience and instructional coaching with SUSD and I have been fortunate to have taught students at both ends of the K-8 level as a third-grade teacher and as a seventh and eighth-grade middle school teacher. 

    Contrary to what many would surmise, it isn’t the fact that both my parents were teachers in the Philippines that forged my path as an educator. It was, unexpectedly, a defining moment, at the age of six, when I unintentionally committed a cultural faux as a brand-new foreigner and English language learner in my first-grade classroom. In hindsight, it was this single experience that not only drove me to become an educator but shaped who I am today. From an early age, I became passionate about education and students, particularly, their social and emotional well-being as they go through the educational system. Furthermore, witnessing disparities in student opportunities and outcomes while growing up and working in low-income neighborhoods, has tasked me to fight for educational equity.  

    I chose TLA because I believe our mission, vision, social-emotional commitment and approach to education align with my own. Having experienced California’s public school system as an English language learner, I want to highlight the important work of providing multiple pathways in which students can learn. I strived for this in my own classroom and personally know the need and importance of reaching our diverse student population. By the same token, I endeavor to continuously learn as fast as the world is changing and stay relevant, especially to student needs.

    Given my education and deep-rooted experience here at TLA, I feel confident about my growing abilities to take on the assistant principal role. It is an honor to continue my calling to serve students and pursue my passion locally among other stakeholders that are working to better the community I intentionally came back to serve after college.


    Rebecca Abellana-Delvo