• Dear Walton Families and Friends,

    Over 40 years ago Stockton Unified School District had the vision to create a center for students who at that time were not able to come to school. A place where regardless of the significance of a student’s disability they would be provided an opportunity to attend school and receive their education just as all children are entitled to. Some years later, through a grant, Walton created an Early Intervention Program which provided services to infants and toddlers with Special Needs and their families. Walton’s Early Start program is now housed in our recently built Early Childhood Center. This program services over 180 families throughout Stockton Unified School District.

    In 2004 Kohl Elementary School was constructed next to Walton which has allowed us to provide some wonderful inclusive opportunities for our students. The integrated recess and Circle of Friends projects have opened doors between both campuses and created meaningful relationships and opportunities for students from Walton and Kohl. Our relationships with neighboring Pacific Law Academy and Stagg High School continue to grow to allow more inclusive opportunities for our students.

    Walton is proud off our dedicated professional staff. Our teachers, speech therapists, physical therapists, nurses, aquatics assist, kitchen staff, custodians, office personnel, administrative staff, and countless classified staff work together to create a campus culture that is nurturing and student-focused.

    Walton also has strong ties to the community with its relationships with the University of Pacific, United Way, Ladybugs, as well as vast support of friends throughout Stockton

    It is an honor and privilege to be part of a District and staff that is committed to providing the optimum for many of our District’s most involved students. Walton Special Center is truly a special place.


    Tom Whitesides

    Principal Whitesides