About the Teacher

  •  Welcome Lim Learners and Parents 


    Welcome to the new 2022-2023 academic school year! My name is Ms. Lim. I am your child’s 5th grade Math and Science teacher. I am very honored and privileged to have your child in my class. We will do our best to make this school year filled with academic success. In order for that to happen, I do have expectations for my students. They know the rules of Mata Elementary, but it is also important for them to remember the rules of the classroom.

    My students are expected to:

    • RESPECT the teacher and others.
    • REMAIN quiet and seated during academic instruction.
    • RAISE their hands for any questions, comments, and concerns.
    • REMEMBER to be considerate, caring, and kind.
    • RID yourself of any distractions.

    I believe they will gain great character by following directions. I wish for you, as the parent, to help me in this endeavor. I cannot achieve this goal alone. I know with your support we can make this happen. Please remind and encourage your child to abide by and obey all the rules of the school and in class. Students who do not follow directions and respect the guidelines will face the consequences. I have no problem calling home or writing behavioral reports should the students break these rules. As teachers we take behavior and attitude seriously.




    Lydia Lim


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