• Grading Policies and Rubrics

    • Teachers are responsible for assigning a grade to all scholars who are enrolled in their class.
    • Teachers are expected to follow the instructions are provided at the district website. If there are questions in regards to the procedure, these questions should be directed to the Administration or the office staff. A copy of the grades must be kept for record keeping.

    Report Cards and Progress Reports

    • Parents will be informed of their child’s progress in school by periodic report cards, which include academic report card, a learner profile report card, and/or a conference.
    • Progress reports must be issued per the SUSD Academic Calendar or a student may NOT be given a failing grade.
    • Progress report information will be sent home with the student, in accordance with the District Progress Report Schedule.
    • It is imperative that copies of all progress reports are completed and turned into the main office.
    • Progress reports must have a marked grade and appropriate