Parent Academic Help Sheets

  • Dear Parents,

    Your child's teacher has developed an important resource for you to use at home to help your child to have a successful learning experience. This resource is entitled the Parent Academic Help Sheet, and it is a list of all the basic skills your child should master each quarter in order to do well in their class. Parents please expect these sheets to be sent home during vacations, and review all the skills listed with your child daily. Children learn and develop at different rates and some children simply need more time on a concept before they can master it. Here is how your support can make a huge difference in your child's educational success. Teach them all the concepts listed on the Parent Academic Parent Help Sheets. There will be upcoming schoolwide contest and initiatives to help promote the success of student mastery of these skills. Please click on the attachment and find the grade level of choice.

    Thank you for all that your do,

    Harrison Staff