School Counseling Services We Provide

  • Welcome! To Mrs. D's and Morales' School Counseling Website. We are the school counselors for Flora Arca Mata Elementary School in the Stockton Unified School District. The different ways we interact with students are through classroom guidance lessons, small group counseling, and individual counseling. We are here for students, parents, and staff to try to meet their needs. 

    We are certified school counselors who advocate and implement the fidelity of the Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS). In a nutshell, we are qualified to do all things related to School Counseling while supporting the MTSS Framework! In addition, below is a description of ways we can support and help students:


    Support may include providing:

    -Student academic planning and goal setting when needed

    -Support specific school site needs

    -Facilitating Small SEL counseling groups

    -School counseling classroom lessons based on student success standards

    -Short-term counseling to students

    -Referrals for long-term support

    -Collaboration with families/teachers/ administrators/ community for student success

    -Advocacy for students at IEP/SST meetings and other student-focused meetings

    -Data analysis to identify student issues, needs and challenges

    -Acting as a systems change agent to improve equity and access, achievement and opportunities for all students



Counselor Talk
  • Classroom Guidance Lessons

    This year counselors will be implementing Second Step Curriculum for Social & Emotional Learning. We will be visiting classrooms once a month throughout the school year and students will learn different social & emotional skills. Lessons typically last 30-45mins and cover topics such as following directions, recognizing bullying, focusing attention, growth mindset, understanding different perspectives, career awareness, & etc.


    Small Groups Counseling

    A variety of small groups will be offered to students who may benefit from spending some extra time developing academic, social, or emotional skills. Students will interact with their peers who are coping with similar life situations. Groups can have anywhere from 6-8 members and will meet once a week for 4-6 weeks. Permission slips of consent will be provided for the participation within groups.


    Individual Counseling

    Some students can benefit from one-on-one counseling regarding academic, social, or emotional challenges. Permission slips of consent will be provided if the student needs individual counseling on a weekly basises. 

  • SAP

    SAP Coordinators

    Student Assistance Program is all about helping students within their needs by working with other student support staff members, teachers, and families. The SAP process may included CARE team and SST meetings.

    Response Team

    Responsive Services

    In addition to all our services of working with students individually and group lessons, counselors are a part of the crisis response team at Tyler Skills Elementary.

    Student Support Service District Website


    PLUS Advisors

    Counselors are advisors for the Peer Leaders Uniting Students Team. Our PLUS team can consist of 6th-8th graders who help solve our school's problems by conducting forums. Forums help students have a voice and solve problems students may be having.