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August School is AVID Certified in Grades K-8!

 ... and thus our journey began.
In July 2015, a team of six August teachers and administrators decided to commit to a three day AVID Summer Institute. After deciding on the essential components to reach for in the first year, the team was eager to launch the program highlights at August Elementary.  
With a rigorous interviewing process to select potential AVID students, today, we have 2 AVID Elective classes in grades 6-8. 64 students are enrolled with Mrs. Soggs and Ms. Saffold.  Our teachers and support staff have been trained in the delivery of teaching strategies and best practices that are utilized in each class.  
In the AVID Elective class, students learn note taking, organization, and collaboration skills.  More importantly, they are beginning to set the foundation as they think about their educational path to college.  
Socratic Seminars              AVID Binders             Tutoring Sessions
Socratic Seminars                                          Staying Organized                        Tutorial Sessions
 ... the journey continues.
Mrs. Borrego, Ms. Garcia, Mr. Flores, Mrs. Cappalla, Mrs. Donley, Mrs. Soggs, Mrs. Risso, Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Almarez