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W.L. Butler and Friends, Station 10 and Santa visit Walton

WL Butler Construction Company & Friends shared a very special Christmas event for the students at Walton Special Center, as they have for the past 12 years.   Weeks leading up to today’s visit, the WL Butler employees shopped for specific toys for each of our students, over 150.   As always, our friends from the Stockton Fire Department Station 10 dropped Santa off in front of Walton where all of the staff and students had gathered to greet Santa.   This year Stagg High School’s first and second period Choir classes, led by Mark Swope, sang Christmas Carols as everyone waited for Santa’s arrival.  Today’s event was an amazing example of the community coming together to support our students, the wonderful employees from WL Butler Construction Company,  the firemen from Station 10, students from Stagg High School, and Santa!

Engine 10  MM   G   M   A    J

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GC    Choir