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Building and Construction Trades Union Apprenticeship Program

The primary mission of the San Joaquin Building and Construction Trades Council is to improve the health, jobs, safety and economic conditions of the members of its affiliates, and of all working men and women in the construction industry by all lawful means. Through advocacy in both the public and private sectors, the SJBTC also seeks adoption of programs and policies that promote the security and welfare of the general public. To accomplish its mission, the San Joaquin Building Trades:

• Works to protect and strengthen collective bargaining as a means of securing and improving the wages, hours of labor and other conditions of employment for the members of its affiliates.

• Is an advocate with our democratic institutions of government at the federal state and local levels to win passage of laws and regulations that protect the rights and aspirations of working men and women.

• Assists its affiliates in promoting a cordial working relationship with local community organizations whose purpose benefits workers and the general public.