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Welcome to Taft Montessori Specialty School

I'd like to welcome you to Taft Montessori Speciality School.  Our school is unique in that we have the only public Montessori program offered in San Joaquin County.  Public school programs are tuition-free.  That means you do not have to pay a tuition to attend the Taft Montessori School in Stockton, CA.  We are a Specialty program located within the boundaries of "Zone B" but we are a specialty program that allows children to attend from any school in Stockton Unified School District by application and space availability.  You just need to be able to transport your children since specialty transportation is no longer available.  Zone B actually consists of the following schools:  Taft, Huerta, McKinley, Hazelton, Spanos, and Pittman Charter. Taft Montessori Speciality School and Pittman Charter require an application process to attend their specialty programs.

The Taft Montessori Speciality School is a school-wide program. This program teaches utilizing the Montessori Method of Instruction with trained Montessori Teachers. Families interested in the Montessori program are encouraged to explore this website for more information, and contact the principal for information about Taft Montessori, possibly scheduling a tour and/or a meeting to further understand what Taft Montessori Speciality School has to offer.  The Montessori Method utilizes individualized and small group instruction with what Dr. Maria Montessori calls the "three period lesson" much like some of the traditional models, such as Inquiry-Based Learning but enough differences that it is suggested that you observe in action.  Any interested family may apply for the Montessori Program at Taft.  You fill out an application for the current year, submit the application to the district office at 701 N. Madison Street, and you will be placed on a waiting list to be admitted on a "space available" basis.  You can also turn in your application to Taft School Front Office.  Our friendly staff will make a copy for you, date and time stamp your application, and turn it in to the district office for you.  You are granted preference if you have siblings in the program already.  You must be able to provide your own transportation as bus transportation is no longer available due to the lack of funds at the district level. If you live out of the Stockton Unified School District, you will need to apply for an inter-district transfer to SUSD if you have received an acceptance letter.  We welcome all interested families to our school provided we have the space for your child(ren).

Taft School follows Common Core State Standards which are the guiding standards for all teaching as required by the State of CaliforniaThe Montessori Method has already aligned the Montessori Curriculum to the Common Core Standards noted in the Montessori area of this website.  Please feel free to download and print them for your use.

Every child is unique and special.  Every child is gifted.  Every child can learn and achieve at high levels given the opportunity and the rigor appropriate to each child.  No matter what program you choose to attend, it is our goal to create the optimal learning environment for every child.  Please join our team!