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The Willie B. Adkins Scholars Program

The Willie B. Adkins Scholars Program is a new program in SUSD that was implemented this year by the Department of Educational Equity. The program is a college preparatory program that strives to provide middle school and high school students with life skills, Rites of Passage Character Development, tutoring, mentoring services, community service opportunities, SAT/ACT preparation, and local and Historically Black College and University tours.

One of the expected outcomes of the program is to increase the number of African-American students who will graduate college and career ready and enroll in a college or university after high school. Additional components of the program include strengthening student’s cultural awareness, increasing parental support and providing students with a strong network of positive and successful peers/individuals to serve as role models.

The goal of the program is to improve academic achievement, increase high school graduation rates, college and career readiness and increase college graduation rates.  As a college preparatory program, the goal is to ensure that students leave the program with the right tools and a solid understanding of what is expected of them beyond high school.  Since 1986, it has a well-established record of success toward this endeavor. 

The college tour that is offered each year has been the cornerstone contributing to the success of the program by offering a broader opportunity for students to experience the diversity offered at various college and university settings.  Many of the students on the tour are accepted by these colleges.

Student scholars who participate in the college tour gain a greater awareness of the importance of a college education.  This awareness is demonstrated by the number of students enrolled in college preparatory classes in high school, sharing their new vision of learning with their peers and ultimately enrolling in college.  Many of the student graduates are now returning to the community as doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, and business professionals who help a new generation of students to pursue their college dreams.

This year a total of 35 students from the Willie B. Adkins Scholars Program in Vallejo and Stockton went on the out of state college tour March 31st-April 6th. Students traveled to Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. had the opportunity to visit HBCU’s including Morgan State, Hampton and Bowie State. For more information regarding the Willie B. Adkins Scholars Program, Contact Sharon Barnes, Director of Educational Equity at (209) 933-7022 x 1387.

The Willie B. Adkins Scholars Program  The Willie B. Adkins Scholars Program  The Willie B. Adkins Scholars Program