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STA & SUSD Joint Bargaining Communique to SUSD Parents, Students, and Staff

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STA & SUSD Joint Bargaining Communique

STA Bargaining Communique

Preceding the winter break, the District and STA bargaining teams completed an MOU for Student Intervention Cohorts. All STA members were provided a copy of the MOU and the Bargaining Team held three information sessions prior to presenting the MOU to the Executive Board to vote on. This week the STA Executive Board voted to approve the Student Intervention Cohort MOU. This MOU outlines how and in what form intervention cohorts will be conducted.

Here are the key details presented:

  1. All Intervention Cohorts are staffed on a voluntary basis.

  2. Cohorts will be no greater than 16 people in total. This maximum includes students attending on different days and/or times with the same teacher.

  3. Cohorts will be determined, primarily, by site administration based on student needs.

  4. Cohorts will run no longer than 2 hours per day, and be after (or before) school hours. If held as an intercession (not on school days), the time may vary from 3 to 4 hours per day.

  5. Site administration will first provide Site Safety Plans impacting any intervention cohort as part of soliciting commitments from teachers to staff them.

  6. Site administration determines enrollment and assignment.

  7. In collaboration with site admin, teachers will choose how to best deliver

    intervention instruction.

  8. Teachers will agree on the hours upfront and days they will work. This may not be changed without a teacher/admin agreement. (Note: Teachers can indicate days and hours of their availability as cohort designs are being considered. While this does not determine the days and times of a cohort, it naturally may impact whether a teacher ultimately commits to staffing a cohort.)

  9. Teachers will be paid their hourly rate.

  10. Teachers will receive full compensation and may leave after 50% of the agreed-upon instruction time has passed and student contact is no longer occurring (or never occurred because no students showed up).

  11. If even one student arrives, the teacher will stay and teach the full and agreed upon time or until the student leaves and no other student has arrived.

  12. The earliest date an intervention cohort may start is January 19, 2021. This date is not affected by COVID tiers or State stay at home orders unless the State or county includes student cohorts also being sent home. 

These details are a guide, not the actual MOU wording.