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New School at Quail Lakes FAQs


Who can I contact for enrollment questions?

We have established a dedicated phone number that you may call if you have questions. That number is:

Ms. Teresa Oden


When is the next community meeting?

We will hold a parent meeting at Stagg High School on December 16, 2019, at 6:00 p.m. to answer any questions and assist in the request process.


How will seats at the new school in Quail Lakes be filled? 

STUDENTS: Seats available at the QL site shall be filled in the following method. This excludes Special Day program seats and special education pre-school seats. (These will be determined by our office of special education, and done as soon as possible). All notifications to parents will be color-coded and use student transmitted (backpack), electronic email, and U.S. Postal mail.

All parents/guardians are being notified of this process and their obligations and decision times with this letter of December 4, 2019. Decisions will be made in the following order of preference:

ORANGE CATEGORY: Any student who lives in the QL area who currently attends Tyler, Madison, and Hoover. For the 2020-2021 school year, these students are guaranteed a seat and will have a one (1) time only guaranteed choice to attend QL. Should a student/family chose to not to attend QL next year they will be considered green coded thereafter.

BLUE CATEGORY: Any student except those in the current 8th grade, who currently attends Tyler. Order of preference will be given by grade level in descending order starting with current 7th-grade students. This will occur until all seats are filled. If your choice cannot be fulfilled, parents/guardians will be offered a school and SUSD will try to offer a choice closest to the family home.

GREEN CATEGORY: IF seats are still available, all students who live in the QL area and who currently attend any other school (excluding independent charter schools) in SUSD. Preference shall be given in ascending order of grade level starting with current Kindergarten students. This will occur until all seats are filled. If your choice cannot be fulfilled, the student will remain at his/her current school.

Parents will be receiving an information notification packet and an explanation during the first week of December via their student's backpack, email, and in US Mail. The packet will outline the process and describe how the District is filling all seats at our newest school and the other schools in the zone. 


How will the decision be communicated to families?

We also want to be very clear about the way a decision will be communicated to the District. All decisions will be received on or before the close of business on Tue., January 7, 2020. All information about how and where to report your decision will be included in your color-coded letter.


When will parents and families know who will attend the new Quail Lakes School?

The composite of the new student body of the new school will be decided using the color-coded preferences listed in your letter, email, and on the previous question. Decisions will be made on or before January 13, 2020. 


What happens if a parent/guardian is notified that their preference is not possible?

They will be offered other options for attendance at a school as close as possible to their home.


Are there any exceptions?

The only exceptions will be for siblings of a student in one of our Special Day Classes, who also lives in the Quail Lakes Area.


How will Kindergarten Enrollment work for students residing in the Quail Lakes Area?

The Kindergarten Enrollment Process for the students in the Quail Lakes Area will be the same as the regular incoming Kindergarten registration for the 2020-21 school year. Parents/guardians will enroll their incoming kindergarten students at the Centralized Enrollment Center in the spring. Dates will be announced very soon.