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Drop Off / Pick Up Procedures

Parents/ Guardians:
In order to minimize any traffic and safety issues during drop off'/pick up times. It is crucial that everyone follows traffic laws. We provide supervision from 8:10-2:40. Please do not drop off your children before 8:10 and pick up by 2:40 PM. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. 
  • Drop Off/ Pick Up Zone: This zone will be clearly labeled. Please pull up as far up as possible along the red curve in front of the campus, and quickly drop off or pick up your child/children. All students are to be dropped off only by the curve; do not double parking. This will be a single file only.
  • Parking- If you wish to park, please enter through the middle entrance along Alturas Ave and park. There is absolutely no parking allowed along the red curve or along the fire lane. You must legally park in a stall designated for parking. Please do not enter the small parking lot labeled "bus and Staff parking only." This area must be kept clear for our Special Education buses. Thank you for your cooperation.