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Visiting our Campus & Breakfast Procedures


  • All visitors/parents wishing to enter Kingston must do so through our Alturas entrance.
  • Everyone  must sign in and wear a badge.
  • Instruction begins at 8:40, therefore, all visitors must exit our campus by the second bell (8:40). 


  • Gates open at 8:10am = Please do not drop off students before 8:10am as there is no supervision available.
  • BREAKFAST 8:10am - 8:30 am
  • Cafeteria seating is limited and is reserved for students only
  • Only students may handle the serving trays and food.
  • All parents and visitors must remain outside of the cafeteria. We are implementing the "Kiss and Go" procedure at the cafeteria door. The students need to be independent and feel successful. We appreciate your cooperation.


  • Remain off all common areas - cafeteria, blacktop areas, and all playgrounds unless you are a cleared volunteer and have been cleared by administration to enter those areas for a specific purpose. 
  • Exhibit courteous and respectful behavior toward all students, staff, and other visitors. 
  • Do not engage with any other student who is not your own child.