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Character Trait of the Month (May) - Obedience

Pillars of Character

San Joaquin teachers/administration/staff are committed to educating the whole child. Therefore, character education is woven into every part of the school day. Character education also includes anti-gang teacher and student training, and drug/alcohol/substance abuse prevention. Students receive quarterly awards for character traits.


The 10 Character Traits

RESPECT (August)

"I treat others the way I want to be treated."



"I take ownership of my thoughts words & actions. I am dependable. I come to school prepared, complete assignments, and follow directions.



"I work with others for the common good of all. I do my part to ensure that my group meets all goals and expectations for success."



"My positive attitude positively affects those around me. I see the good in others. People feel better when they are around me."



"I am determined to be the best that I can in all areas of my life. I am focused on my goals, and will never give up on meeting them."


KINDNESS (January)

"I show care, compassion & concern for others. I help those in need."


INTEGRITY (February)

"I do the right thing under all circumstances. I treat others fairly. I stand up for what is right."



"I am honest and truthful, even if it means that I will face consequences."



"I am a postiive role model for others. I help others make fair and intelligent decisions. I take  an active role in decision making as needed."



"I follow directions on a consistent basis, while at the same time maintaining a positive attitude."