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Students and Parents: How to Contact Your Teachers and Counselors During Distance Learning


Dear Fillmore Students and Parents,


We are aware that during these difficult days during the COVID-19 "Stay at Home" order that we are all compelled to follow, some of you may be wondering or may not have known that students are expected to practice "Distance Learning."  Student Chromebook laptops were distributed to all students who requested one during the week of April 6 - 10.  Most students have begun learning with their teachers online.  Some teachers are even using "virtual" class meetings where everyone can see each other.  If for some reason you did not receive a Chromebook at Fillmore and need to contact your teacher to find out what is happening, click on the link to "Teacher Pages," find your teacher's name, and click on your teacher's name.  Your teacher's page will open and you will see their name and email address.  Email your teacher your phone number using your school email address and let them know the best way to contact you.  Your teacher will get in touch with you and will arrange a way for you to continue your learning in your virtual classroom.


CLICK HERE to go to "Teacher Pages."


If you are not able to log on to your Chromebook or if you are having problems getting access to your Google account, please contact our Informational Services office at:  

Parent Help Desk:

(209) 933-7111 option 7


If you need to contact one of Fillmore's school counselors, Mrs. Holderbein or Ms. Herr, you can contact them, too.  We have set up special pages that students can look up information for help and support with Mrs. Holderbein and Ms. Herr.


CLICK HERE to go to "Fillmore's School Counselors' pages."


If you need to contact Fillmore's School Psychologist (Kim Robinson) or Mental Health Clinician (Geneviene Lisenbey), you can contact them as well.  On their page, we have also included additional resources that may be of use to students and parents.


CLICK HERE to go to Fillmore's "School Psychologist / Mental Health Clinician" page.