2018-19 Student Representatives & Honorees

  • August 13, 2019

    Recognized at this meeting: Alfonso Grijalva; Suzanne Adam of Dignity Health; Sheri Cooley, Market Business Development Manager of Barnes & Noble; Melissa Green-Gomes and Shiree Robertson of Weberstown Mall; Art Godi and Will Ibanez of Art Godi Realtors; Pandora Crowder of Conway Homes Residents Council; Jason Makinano of Office Depot; and Joel Corona of AAA.

  • July 9, 2019

    Recognized at this board meeting were: Harvard Leadership Doctoral Residents Tyler Hester and Bonnie Lo; Abel McDaniel, Summer Fellow Intern who is assigned to the district-wide trauma-informed care project; Ms. Heather Green, Executive Director of Lord's Gym City Center who delivered a presentation to the Board; and Dr. Traci Miller, Director of Student Support Services and Child Welfare and Attendance - who was the recipient of the California Administrator of the Year Award for 2019 by the California Association of School Counselors (CASC).

  • June 11, 2019

    Recognized at this Board Meeting: NAACP presenting a plaque to Stockton Unified School District for our collaboration in the 2019 youth summit; AmeriCorps for their $2 million per year grant for the next 6 years; Kathy Thompson from the VMRC Foster Grandparents Program; Paws 4 Friends for providing therapy dogs to the Young Adult Program; and our newly ratified administrative employees - Dee Alimbini (Executive Director of Constituent Services), Valente Aguilar (Principal II for San Joaquin School), Bernadette Bettencourt (Director of Comprehensive Health Services), Joshua Brown (PBIS Coordinator of Student Support Services), Amber Carter (Principal II for Fremont Elementary), Dennis Foster (Principal IV for Franklin High School), Simone Martinez (Principal II for Primary Years Academy), Claire Stubblefield (Principal II for Commodore Stockton Skills), Anna Trunnell (Executive Director of Instructional Technology and Curriculum), Osman Zarif (Principal II for Weber Institute), Thongtip Duangsawat (Principal II for Fillmore Elementary), and Kino Carson (Principal II for Marshall Elementary).