• Students in Edison’s STEM Academy participate in a rigorous four-year program emphasizing advanced problem solving and reasoning skills that carry students well beyond the basic courses required for graduation. Students will participate in activities and projects involving inquiry, research, and problem solving through critical thinking.  At the completion of our program, students will be prepared for a four-year postsecondary educational institution.


    The Edison STEM Program is unique in that it offers the highest level of mathematics and science classes available to high school students including: AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Calculus AB & BC, Anatomy & Physiology, and Physics (not all courses are offered each year).  In addition, we offer engineering pathways which include robotics and a unique variety of engineering courses in our state-of-the-art engineering building. 


    How do I enroll?

    Students must complete the official SUSD Magnet Application form and submit it to the Magnet Office at 701 N. Madison Street (SUSD building).  You can also send a copy of your completed application to Barbara Greenwood, Head Counselor, Edison High School. 


    STEM recommended courses

    9th Grade: All freshmen take two STEM classes: Intro to Engineering Design or Computer Science Essentials and Health Science or Biology Honors.  

    10th - 12th: Elective classes are selected based upon student field of interest which may include: Engineering, MESA, Anthropology or Anatomy (prerequisites may apply).