Mission, Vision and Pledge


    Our Mission

    The mission of the Grunsky staff is to ensure high levels of learning for all students by working in professional learning communities to refine instructional practices to address the needs of our students.


    Our Vision

    Grunsky, in partnership with parents and community, will establish foundational skills by providing a positive, safe, supportive school that encourages students to strive for academic, social, and emotional excellence.


    Our Pledge

    We support the following statements of Purpose

    • To teach and practice good citizenship
    • To accept every child as an individual
    • To provide an environment where respect is given
    • To create programs that promote maximum academic and social growth                         

    The Grusky Five

    1. A Grunsky Student is courteous and considerate to others.
    2. A Grunsky Student respects all adult authority.
    3. A Grunsky Student is responsible for completing all assigned work.
    4. A Grunsky Student respects the property of others.
    5. A Grunsky Student does not interrupt the learning of others.