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  • From the Principal's Desk 

    Dear El Dorado Community,                                                                           On behalf of the staff at El Dorado School, we are excited to welcome you all back (virtually) from summer break! We know that our students and parents may be feeling anxious and uncertain about starting this school year with distance learning. We understand and we share those feelings of uncertainty in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. That said, it is important that we acknowledge the challenges associated with distance learning as well as the effects of the last several months on everyone's mental health. If you know anything about El Dorado, you know that our community is RESILIENT! We are problem solvers who work together to meet any challenge that comes our way! I LOVE my El Dorado FAMILY!  I can think of no other place or school that I would rather be besides right here in Stockton at El Dorado School. I believe in the resourcefulness, talent, creativity, and leadership of our staff, students and parents and know that we will come out of this experience stronger and even better equipped for whatever comes our way next. Eagles Rise..... that's just what we do at El Dorado!New Curriculum are going into year 2 of our new curriculum implementation. This year we will be focusing on consistency in our instructional strategies and the key shifts in both Math and ELA. Teachers will be engaging in professional development around the rigor of standards across grade levels and common instructional practices that will ensure that ALL students get what they need to access grade level content.  We will continue to have additional support for our K-3 students in ELA through Reading Corps. tutors. Our 4th - 8th graders will receive support in math with the addition of two Math Corps. tutors. Ms. Jasso will be back to assist students with one on one support in grades K-6.

    New Partnerships will continue to advocate for our students and provide not only academic support but also meet their social emotional and mental health needs.  Students and families will continue to have access to  mental health services. Our Mental Health Clinician, Ms. Tamra Smith, will also be working closely with Mr. Girley, Teacher Community Ambassador, in developing new and continuing programs for our young men and women of color. Ms. Bonzi and Mr. Aguilar, our school counselors, will be delivering proactive lessons to support student’s development in  communication, coping and self regulation skills. In addition, they are here to support students and their families in coping with the effects of our current circumstances as we face increased isolation and anxiety due to the Covid-19 shutdown.Despite the fact that Covid-19 closed schools in March, we are proud of all that was accomplished. Our suspensions dropped by 54% and our chronic absentee rate was lowered by 3.74%! We are on the right path and will continue to partner with our families to provide a safe place for our students and work to ensure equity in our instruction, in our communications and in our relationships with students. In your first day packet, you will find information on school and district policies and procedures, behavior and academic expectations, attendance and academic celebrations and restorative practices. Parents are always welcome and we encourage you to sign up online to volunteer at


    Kristin V. Buckenham, Principal - El Dorado Schoolkbuckenham@stocktonusd.netOffice: (209) 933-7175 Ext. 6649Call or Text: (209) 264-2110