• Click here for our 6-8th Grade daily Distance Learning Schedule


    Mr. Raboy

    Meeting ID: 612 812 5149

    Passcode: 115011


    Welcome Middle School Students!!


    Instructions for finding your classes:

    • Look at your schedule of classes
      • Monday, Wednesday, Friday are ‘A,C,E classes
      • Tuesday, Thursday are B,D classes


    • Find your first period class and look for the teacher’s name
    • Look at the teacher list and Google classroom codes for each teacher
    • Go to your Google Classrooms and find the classroom for that teacher and enter the code. 
    • You will have to do this for each of your 6 classes, but only once!
    • You are now enrolled in each class and will not have to enroll again.

    Expectations for distance learning:

    • Be on time for your classes
    • Attend ALL 6 classes daily
    • Complete all assignments
    • Remember, your teachers are there to help you through! 
    • “I didn’t know what to do” is not an excuse, we’re all new at this!