• Hello!

    My name is Jake Heimbaugh, and I am a Biology Teacher here at Cesar Chavez! I am originally from central Pennsylvania (outside of Harrisburg), and I moved to California with my girlfriend in June of 2019 to take this teaching position. I graduated from Ursinus College (located outside of Philadelphia) in May of 2019 with a double bachelors degree in Biology and Environmental studies, and I am so thrilled to be living in a state with so much beautiful nature! I have worked with Environmental Education for many years, conducting research in Sarasota, Florida at Mote Marine Laboratory regarding different methods of education effectiveness in reducing people catching sea turtles while fishing, and again while living in Panama for 6 months regarding informing private citizens of wild animals living on their property. I have a deep love for education, the environment, and my students, and I hope to pass that same love to all those I interact with. I love to hike, cook, kayak, play card games, and learn about/be in nature! 

    Currently, I am teaching 3 periods of Biology. The Google Classroom Codes for my class are below: 

    Period 1: bm3qqkn

    Period 3: rg5vn5f

    Period 4: p4w2h4i

    All assignments, particularly during this time of online learning, will be posted on google classroom on a daily basis. I am available for contact at any time in the manners listed below. 

    Email: jheimbaugh@stocktonusd.net ; jheimbaugh@stocktonusd.org 

    Call/Text: (925) 709-4250

    Thank you for visiting my page! 

    Mr. Heimbaugh at his home in Pennsylvania.