About the Teacher

  • Dirk Olson                                                       


    I am a Stockton native and graduated from Saint Mary's High School.  My teacher training was completed at San Francisco State University.  After moving back home, I worked for many years in the Linden Unified School District, teaching anywhere from elementary classes to high school English.  I am excited to be in my first year of teaching English at Stockton High School.


    • Be on time for class.                                                
    • Be focused on your lessons.                              
    • Use class time wisely.                                           
    • Complete assignments away from class.      
    • Give your best effort.

        Cell Phone Policy:

    • Phones may be used for listening to music ONLY.
    • Playlist should be set for class length, and then put away.
    • Students using a phone for any other purpose during class time may have the phone taken away for the remainder of the class.