• Beth Hafner                                                            



    "Interventions For Success"

    The Alternative Learning Center (ALC) is part of the overall discipline protocol here at Kennedy Elementary.  The hope is that being in this program will provide positive guidance towards achieving success. This class is a unique program designed to confine students in need of "in school suspension", as apposed to being "sent home" for suspension. The dynamics of such a program are challenging.  An ever changing array of students arrive at different times throughout the day.  If the student is still having problems, after the classroom teacher has exhausted a detailed  array of interventions, then the student is referred to administration who in turn determines placement.  Once the student is brought to ALC, an atmospheere of procedures and rules is set.  A strategy of "reflection" is utilized using discussion, written assignments and mini lessons designed to help students grow as individuals.  Lessons are developed from California Standards geared to help the students to become responsible citizens and life-long learners.


    Mrs. Hafner with school volunteer Mr. Hafner.

    Mrs. Hafner with school volunteer Mr. Hafner on their wedding day