• Beth Hafner                                                            



    About a week before we were all told to stay home, I got the word that there would be no more ALC at Kennedy Elementary.  I have a job within the district but I do not know where it will be at this time.  I find this unfortunate as I had truly come to love this school, staff, and students!  (Service Club... the plan was, the instant we got back from Spring Break we were going to replant the planters...)  Even though I am gone, you can still email me and tell me how you are doing in this unique time of our history.

    So as you know, hand shakes may become a thing of the past... even fist bumps and high fives are not sanitary... and elbow bumps require getting close enough to possibly breath on each other.  So make sure you use your Vulcan Peace Greetings or "twinkle fingers" if you cannot do the Vulcan Peace Greeting.... 

    Live Long and Prosper!  Mrs. Hafner


    Vulcan Peace Greeting Med