• Counseling

  • Ms. Potter

    Jennifer Potter, MS, PPS
    TK-4th Grade School Counselor
  • Mr. Martinez

    Jose Martinez, MSW, PPCS
    4th-8th Grade School Counselor




    As school counselors, our goals are to assist students in the following areas at school:

    • Personal & Social Development
    • Academic Development
    • Career Development

    Our goal is to also have every student college and/or career ready by the time they graduate from SUSD. CLICK HERE for a video outlining this goal from our Superintendent. 


    We are a high performing school that will achieve, collaborate, empower, encourage and motivate.

    We believe that all students can achieve and become productive citizens through high expectations, academic excellence, supportive relationships, positive environment, and being inspired learners.

    Our mission is to assist the students of Stockton Unified School District by providing every student with high-quality instruction, a well rounded educational experience, and the support necessary to succeed. We promote attendance and a positive school climate by focusing on the whole child, providing critical support services and removing barriers to learning.

    The SAP Process

    As school counselors, we advocate for students through the Student Assistance Program (SAP). SAP is a school-based approach to providing focused services to students needing interventions and programs that address academic performance, attitude and attendance. The SAP process brings together schools, communities, parents, and students in a working partnership in order to provide early identification and referral services for students. As a process, SAP identifies troubled students, assess students' needs, and provide them with support and referral to appropriate resources. The overarching goal of SAP is to remove barriers to education so that a student may achieve academically.

    The SAP process is a tiered system of support:

    Tier 1: Universal Classroom Interventions & Structures

    Tier 2: Selective Intervention & CARE Team

    Tier 3: Targeted Intervention & SST