Welcome to the Ombuds Page

  • Welcome to the new Stockton Unified School District Ombuds page. The Ombudsperson acts as a neutral or impartial intermediary on behalf of parents, guardians and community members to resolve differences, disagreements and/or miscommunications at schools once the school’s efforts to resolve differences have been exhausted. The goal is to promote healthy discussion and dialogue and to advocate for fairness in the administration of policies and procedures.

    This office provides impartial and confidential consultation related to grievances and helps to evaluate options and satisfactory resolutions. The Ombuds office helps people express concerns, resolve disputes, manage conflict and learn productive ways of communicating.

    The SUSD Ombudsman Office is a member of the International Ombudsman Association. The office is a voluntary program and no one is required to use this service. However, this office may provide mediation that can help facilitate a resolution too often complex or difficult matters.


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    701 N Madison St Room 211
    Stockton, CA 95202