• The Pittman Media and Technology Team (MTT) is an after school club that focuses on career technical education (hopefully, one day it will be an elective).  The club has a holistic approach, meaning everyone on the team is critical to the success of the club and all participants have a role in the club's future.  The goals of MTT are:

    1.  Branding the school - In order to be unique we must establish a presence and make Pittman a school students want to attend.

    2. Social Media Traffic - Giving the community a snippet of the school and what we have to offer. In addition, it will help drive traffic to our website and/or other Pittman social media outlets.

    3. Engagement - Connecting and engaging students, staff, and families.

    4. Community Building - Gaining community members support.

    5. Public Relations - Disseminate news and build relations

    6. Student Service/Research & Development - Listening and understanding the voice of Pittman; the stakeholders (students, teachers/staff, parents, etc.).

    7.  Succession Planning - recruiting passionate new members in order to keep the club alive. 

    8. Career/College Readiness - Technology is playing a vital role in today's society and having the knowlegde and tools under your belt will help a student to be marketable in the future.



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    Mr. Prak


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    Ms. Chhin