Welcome to Educational Equity

  • It is the Stockton Unified School District's and the Department of Educational Equity's responsibility to ensure that there is equity in education for ALL students. The department will work in partnership with all SUSD stakeholders to promote equitable practices, increase the academic proficiency of students, close achievement, opportunity, and access gaps and remove barriers so that all students can thrive and achieve their greatest academic potential.

    SUSD Equity Agenda

    Invest and Support all, while providing additional support and investments for those who have been historically underserved.

    Equality and Equity


    Equality = Sameness
    Equality provides the same thing for
    everyone. This only works when people
    start from the same place, history and
    set of circumstances.

    Equity = Justice
    Equity is about fairness and providing
    people with the resources and
    opportunities they need, given their
    history and set of circumstances.


    "Educational Equity"

    "Equity is the principle of altering current practices and perspectives to teach for social transformation and to promote equal learning outcomes for students of all racial, cultural, linguistic and socioeconomic groups."

    --Enid Lee, New Teacher Center


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