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  • Ms. Mercy Somera

    Please feel free to contact me at msomera@stocktonusd.net

    Winston Churchill said, "I am always willing to learn, but I am not always willing to be taught." I am not a teacher. I am a passionate lover of learning. My students are a constant wealth of wonder and creativity. I look to develop their ideas and gifts into ways that create a healthy learning environment. My background is full of experience, credentials, and qualifications (see below) but all of that is not as important as how much I care.

    "Your students don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."

    There are three key components to mastering our 7th grade class:

    1. Close Reading 

    2. Cornell Notes

    3. Power writing!!! 1,2,3 +e! e = evidence.

    These 3 key components help each student to look closely at the materials, using statistically proven methods of study skills, and organize ideas in a way that shows academic rigor. 

    The success of each student depends upon the willingness and support of their home community as much as it does their educational community. Education does not happen only in the classroom, it is the questions that are asked and the way in which they are received, it is in the mundane and the in between. Recognizing that each student has the potential for excellence is vital to the success of each student. Every year, I look for the potential in each of my students to build on their existing success to attain their definition of excellence. "Do your best and forget the rest." 

    -M. Somera






    • Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential,
      • Sacramento State University (CSUS)
    • M.A. Social Psychology,
      • San Francisco State University (SFSU)
    • B.A. in Psychology,
      • San Diego State University (SDSU)
    • Universidad de Las Américas, México D.F, Mx.
      • International Relations & Psychology
      • Functional in Spanish
    • San Joaquin Delta College (SJDC) Community college (honor student; transfer SDSU)

    Teaching Experience

    • Middle School Teacher, SUSD/SCUSD since 2003
    • English Language Development Instructor, Santiago, Chile 2007
    • Psychology- College Instructor since 2004                                                                                                                                                       Art Institute of Sacramento & Western Career College

    Relevant Experience

    • Foster/Adoptive Parent, San Joaquin County
    • Women’s Center Youth and Family Services of San Joaquin Co. Advocate since 1997
    • Sexual Assault: Emergency rape victim response Advocate, on-call
    • Domestic Violence: Latina Domestic Violence Specialist, peer counselor
    • New Horizons Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Facility, volunteer
    • Group Home Counselor, girls 15-18, 6-8 bed facility, level 10
    • Senior Staff Researcher, Breast Cancer Research, Kaiser
    • Project Assistant/Researcher, Post-Partum Research, Stanford University
    • Project Coordinator/Researcher, University California San Francisco Latino Mental Health Mothers and Babies Project: First Years Study
    • McNair Scholar Recipient, San Diego State University


  • Welcome parents and cadets!

        I look forward to meeting my new 7th grade class tomorrow (Aug. 8, 2017) and will review the policies & procedures with them in class.

    Parents: Please ask your cadet to tell you about their day so they can begin to summarize our lesson and keep these ideas fresh.

                 Included will be...

    1.       Outline of our classroom procedures and what to expect.
    2.       Supply Requests (we need help with kleenex, pencils, sticky notes, hand sanitizer, art supplies, snacks, etc. 
    3.       There will be a master copy of the Cornell Note-Taking Checklist, Presentation Rubric, Writing outlines and calendar for parents and       peer group partners to use throughout the year.
    4.       They will need a 2 inch binder with insertable index dividers for their 5 classes (ELA, MATH, SOCIAL STUDIES, SCIENCE, & ELECTIVE).

    2017-2018 is going to be a great year! I always have the best students. :) 


    Ms. Mercy M. Somera

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  • Please contact PSA office (Mrs. Maggie) to get your parentvue code if you do not have one already. ASAP!


    M. Somera

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