About the Teacher

  • Hi!  Welcome to Mr. Yee's page!  What you'll find here is some information about me and how you can contact me.


    So... Who ARE you?!

    Good question.  Well, I graduated from Simpson University in Redding, Ca with a BS (that stands for Bachelor's of Science not... oh, you know, never mind...) in Biology in 2012.  I moved back home to Sacramento when, after a shortly lived moment of freedom from school, I was snatched up to Franklin High School to teach in our DP program of IB.  I've been teaching DP Biology ever since.  I can say, without a doubt, this is my absolute favorite teaching position I have been in (and the only one...).  But, seriously, I am so honored and privileged to be able to teach at Franklin, to make a difference in the lives of students and staff, and to use the life that Jesus has given me for dynamic purpose!  I look forward to working with you and making this school year amazing!

    Need to schedule a time to meet?  Please see the available times so we can figure out a great time for both of us!

    Monday/Tuesday (lunch)

    Wednesdays (after school)

    Fridays (lunch/after school)

    We can also arrange to meet before school- I can be here as early as 6:30 to accomodate you.

    Want to figure out where Mr. Yee is on campus?

    Mondays after school- Bible Club: Prayer for our campus so God can do amazing things! (2:30-3:30)

    Tuesdays after school- Staff Meetings

    Wednesdays lunch- Bible Club: Bible studies and outreaches 

    Thursdays (half days)- Staff Collaborations (who doesn't love collaboration?)

    Jeremy Yee


    209-933-7435 Ext. 31309