About the Teacher

  • J-D Cogmon known as, "Mr. Cogmon"

    Mr. Cogmon

    Mr. Cogmon has over 36 years of experience in the field of Education in San Francisco and the greater "Bay Area." Mr. Cogmon currently teaches Web Design I and III at Weber. (Previously Multimedia I and II at Franklin High) The courses Mr. Cogmon teaches students to develop skills in Digital Literacy and Digital Citizenship, Web Design I and III and general Computer Science. These industry-standard skills range from G-Suite through the diverse suite of "industry standards" programs available by Adobe, Microsoft Office, and Wordpress Content Management Systems (CSM) for web design.

    Mr. Cogmon's mission with SUSD and Weber

    Mr. Cogmon is part of the Career Technical Education (CTE) department which endeavors to integrate college readiness with 21st-Century skills development for academia and employment. Students in Web Design will be certified in Adobe Dreamweaver, and the students in Technology and Apps courses will be certified in Microsoft Office applications through Certiport.com

    The 2019-2020 Year At Weber

    All Web Design courses teach professional and academic skills while developing each student's understanding of how they learn and apply SKILLS. All students are professionally developed towards the capacity to take more responsibility for their own education because Mr. Cogmon's professional mission is to create life-long learners. No matter which pathway students choose, the CTE courses at Weber and throughout the SUSD place emphasis upon:

    • Responsibility
    • Adaptability
    • Flexibility
    • Safety
    • Project Management