About the Teacher

  • Horacio Viramontes


    I.B. Spanish Class

    Mr.Vira has been working at Franklin for 16 years. As a teenager he loved school and felt like he wanted to become a spanish teacher. Why a spanish teacher? He wanted to share his language to students from different cultures. " I encourage every student to do their best, graduate, and to continue onto college." said Mr.VIra as an advice for every student. We asked if he accomplished some goals and his answer was "Yes, I graduated from UOP, becoming a teacher and i got my chance to finally buy my own house." His movitivation to get up every morning is his job. He considers himself as good teacher, but not a perfect one. The day he will retire is when he feels like he doesn't have the energy to continue, but until then he will continue working as a teacher and til he gets a chance to finally accomplish his goals.

    Some places that Mr.Vira has traveled are Peru, Venezuela, Mexico, and France.